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White 96-Well Immuno Plates 280µL Flat Microfluor 1 Case of 50

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White 96-Well Immuno Plates
Conduct quantitative and qualitative immunoassays like ELISA and binding assays with Thermo Scientific™ White 96-Well Immuno Plates, which are compatible with common instruments. These plates deliver optimal results, lot-to-lot reliability and well-to-well reproducibility. Features
  • Plate has SBS footprint — fits standard equipment
  • Available with flat- or round-bottom wells
  • Choice of three surface types for optimal binding
  • Certified binding homogeneity/reproducibility

Choice of Surface:

  • Thermo Scientific™ PolySorp™, Microfluor™ 1, Microlite™ 1+ and Universal Binding (UB) for adsorption of hydrophobic molecules
  • Thermo Scientific™ MaxiSorp™ is hydrophilic and ideal for antibody sandwich assays
  • Thermo Scientific™ Microfluor 2 and Microlite 2+ are slightly hydrophilic and bind a diverse range of biomolecules


  • Gives maximum reflection
  • Minimum autofluorescence and autoluminescence

Compatible with:

Lids for Thermo Scientific™ MicroWell™ plates, sealing tape and breathable membrane

Ordering Information:

Availability may vary by country.

Warranty: 90 days

  • Custom Group: White and Black Immuno Plates
  • LeadTargetGroup: xx_ELMS
  • Produktgröße: Case of 50
  • Search Display: Family
  • Umbrella Brand: Thermo Scientific™
  • Bindungseigenschaft: Adsorption
  • Bindungseigenschaft: Hydrophobic
  • Zur Verwendung mit (Anwendung): Fluorescence
  • Format: 96 Well
  • Anz. pro Karton: 50
  • Oberflächenbeschichtung: Microfluor 1
  • Volumen Well (metrisch): 330μL
  • Plattenblockierung: None
  • Detektionsmethode: Chemiluminescent
  • Target Molecule: Lipids
  • Binding Type: Hydrophobic
  • Anz. pro Packung: 10
  • Custom Group: White and Black Immuno Plates
  • LeadTargetGroup: xx_ELMS
  • Product Size: Case of 50
  • Search Display: Family
  • Umbrella Brand: Thermo Scientific™
  • Binding Property: Adsorption
  • Binding Property: Hydrophobic
  • Bottom: Flat
  • Color: White
  • For Use With (Application): Fluorescence
  • Format: 96 Well
  • No. per Case: 50
  • Surface Coating: Microfluor 1
  • Volume (Metric) Well: 330μL
  • Volume (Metric) Working: 280µL
  • Plate Blocking: None
  • Detection Method: Chemiluminescent
  • Target Molecule: Lipids
  • Binding Type: Hydrophobic
  • Well Shape: Round
  • No. per Pack: 10
Désignation valeur
Volume utilisable: 280 ml
Forme du fond ondulé: Fond plat
Matériau: PS
Couleur: Blanc