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OBE 112 – The fully equipped allround compound microscope for laboratories, training and schools

  • The KERN OBE-1 series is a range of high-quality, fully-equipped compound microscopes, which can't be beaten in terms of ease of use and ergonomic design
  • The strong and continuously dimmable 3W LED guarantees optimum illumination of the samples and also ensures long service life. Mobile use of several models is also no problem through the use of rechargeable batteries
  • The height-adjustable and thereby focusable 1.25 ABBE condenser with aperture diaphragm is a further quality feature of the OBE-1 series and ensures the very best concentration of light
  • Height adjustment of the fully-equipped mechanical stage is carried out using a coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides. The ergonomically
    designed coaxial drive enables you to work with the samples and move them rapidly
  • A large selection of different eyepieces, lenses, a simple polarisation unit and a dark field kit is also available
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