PURA Water Baths, JULABO

PURA water baths

PURA water bath with extremely durable enamelled internal bath.
The PURA series offers high-quality water baths with a temperature stability of ±0.2°C. With an operating temperature range of +18°C to 99.9°C, PURA baths can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including routine laboratory tasks, holding samples at a constant temperature, incubation, materials testing, corrosion testing, temperature control of cultures, thermal testing of food, and dental applications. These units are spray-water protected with a membrane keypad and have an LED temperature display for straightforward operation. No distracting functional elements whatsoever are located in the bath, so the entire flat inside surface can be utilized, making it possible to reliably control the temperature of even small test vessels.
The special enameled surface coating in all PURA water baths is practically non-destructible.

  • Operating temperature range +25°C to +99.9°C
  • Temperature stability ±0.2°C
  • Filling volume 4.8 to 30 liters
  • Heating performance up to 2 kW
  • Integrated drain and drip device
  • USB connection
  • Spray water protected power switch
  • Integrated protection against running dry
  • Integrated timer


Heater cap.
Bath opening/depth
Filling vol.
Poss. number of test tube racksW × D × H
Order No.
PURA 40.8120×270/1700.4 – 4.81210×380×30010 35 90404
PURA 101.3220×270/1701 – 102310×380×17010 35 90410
(1)PURA 141.3300×270/1701 – 143420×380×30010 35 90414
(2)PURA 222540×270/1702 – 225630×380×30010 35 90422
PURA 302760×270/1702 – 307850×380×30010 35 90430