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Air Dryer for Laboratory Glassware, Irmeco

For drying various types of laboratory glassware, e.g. bulbs, pipettes, beakers, test tubes, etc. The device has 24 drying pipes with 16 mm diameter, 16 drying pipes with 14 mm diameter and 16 drying pipes with 12 mm diameter. The outlet pipes are made of acid-resistant steel.
Temperature and timer are set via a rotary switch. It is protected against overheating by a temperature limit fuse. The built-in air filter can be easily dissambled and replaced.

Technical data:
Drying mode:hot or cold
Number of drying pipes:56
Timer:15 – 180 min, and continuous operation
Overall dimensions (W×H×D):310 × 920 × 320 mm
Power supply:230 V, 50 Hz
Airflow rating:1000 W


Order No.
Air dryer for laboratory glassware10 15 85010