Micro-centrifuge 5427 R, Eppendorf

If there is a demand for high sample throughput, many centrifuges call it a day in regards to capacity. This does not apply to the Centrifuge 5427 R. With a new double-row 48-place rotor it lives up to the increased efficiency requirements with fast running times in a safe and reliable manner. This is supported by an intuitive human interface and design concept which makes for a compelling user comfort and ensures a smooth workflow.
For these reasons, the Centrifuge 5427 R becomes the ideal solution for high-end research applications.
In addition, this microcentrifuge convinces with an innovative compressor technology which—by taking ecological aspects into account—tempers sensible samples precisely to guarantee a proper preparation of your analysis.

  • New 48-place rotor reduces time expenditure of daily routine works significantly
  • Short-Spin function allows for quick short centrifugation with pre-selectable rotation speed
  • Eppendorf QuickLock system for quick rotor lid opening and closing
  • Very quiet operation due to further improved sound insulation
  • FastTemp for rapid pre-cooling of the centrifuge, e.g. from 23°C to 4°C in approx. 11 minutes
  • Continuous cooling keeps the temperature after the run constant – Your samples stay safe
  • Alternatively to continuous cooling: ECO-shut off of the compressor (adjustable after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours of non-use) for a lower energy consumption


Order No.Price
Centrifuge 5427 R10 69 90012
230 V/50-60 Hz, with knobs
Centrifuge 5427 R with rotor FA-45-24-1110 69 90217
Centrifuge 5427 R with rotor FA-45-30-1110 69 90535
(1)Rotor FA-45-24-1110 69 97020
including rotor cover, aerosol consistent1)
(2)Rotor F-45-30-11, incl. rotor cover10 69 97080
including rotor cover
(3)Rotor FA-45-30-1110 69 97060
including rotor cover, aerosol consistent1)
(4)Rotor FA-45-48-1110 69 97100
including rotor cover, aerosol consistent1)
(5)Rotor FA-45-24-11-Kit10 69 97040
including rotor cover, aerosol consistent1)
(6)Rotor F-45-48-1110 69 97120
including rotor cover
(7)Rotor S-24-11-AT10 69 97150
including rotor cover, aerosol consistent1)
Adapter55 69 15005

For 0.2 ml PCR tubes, 6 pieces

Adapter55 69 17008

For 0.4 ml micro centrifuge tubes, 6 pieces

Adapter55 69 16001

For 0.5 ml micro centrifuge tubes and 0.6 ml Microtainers®, 6 pieces

(8)Rotor F-45-48-5-PCR10 69 97140

1) certified aerosol consistent