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High Performance Fume Cupboards, Irmeco

External walls of strong steel construction covered with epoxy paint, internal lining (chamber material) of stainless steel covered with chemically resistant epoxy paint, lateral panels with aerodynamic profile; equipped with over pressure protection system; moveable sash window (optional: Auto Protect system), countertop made of monolith technical ceramic, anti-acid, thickness 37 mm, with glazed surface and over-raised edge, for preventing the linking; under-bench storing cabinets made of steel covered with epoxy paint, for short term acids/bases storing; control panel for control of the unit; for connection to available venting system; certified according to EN 14175.

Standard equipment:

  • Integrated lighting
  • 2 × plugs 230 V (16A) sockets, splash proof IP 44 version
  • 1 × cold water inlet valve with spout
  • 1 × gas
  • Sink made of solid homogenous ceramics, dimensions 280 × 80 mm
  • Color of fittings in grey RAL 7035
  • Programmable controller, for complete control of the unit with alarm function


Order No.
Fume cupboard, 1280×940×2575 mm10 15 86012
Fume cupboard, 1580×940×2575 mm10 15 86015
Fume cupboard, 1880×940×2575 mm10 15 86018

Individual requests about a different configurations are welcome.
Customized solutions available on request.