Disposable Cuvette, Eppendorf

The UVette® fulfills the highest specifications of modern spectrophotometric analysis in the UV range and can be optimally used for sensitive samples and small volumes.

  • Suitable for measuring small volumes, > 50 µl
  • Individually blister-packed for contamination-free work
  • DNA, RNase and protein-free
  • Two optical path lengths: 2 mm and 10 mm
  • UV and VIS transparent between 220 and 1,600 nm
  • Volume markings for 500 and 1,000 µl
  • Fully transparent material with outstanding surface properties
  • Optimal filling guaranteed by tapered cuvette base
  • Deep-lying optical window prevents scratches
  • Stable design
  • Marking possible on frosted grip
  • Can be used without adapter in the Eppendorf BioPhotometer

Eppendorf Vis-Cuvettes are disposable cuvettes made of clear plastic with a light transmission of 300 nm to 900 nm. The Vis cuvettes are the perfect tool for applications outside of the UV range, for example, colorimetric protein assays (Bradford, Lowry, etc.), determining of the optical density of bacterial cultures (OD600 methods), and kinetic and fluorescence measurements. Available in two cuvette sizes (semi-micro and macro) for different volumes.

Disposable cuvettes and accessories


Order No.Price
(1)UVette®, original Eppendorf disposables29 69 96300

individually packaged single cuvettes, certified RNase-, DNA -and protein-free, 80 pcs.

UVette® routine pack, Eppendorf quality purity level10 69 16318

reclosable box, 200 pcs.

Starter set29 69 91007

80 UVettes, 1 universal adapter for 15 mm light center height (including GeneQuant), convertible to 8.5 mm

Cuvette stand29 69 98006

Adapter for photometers/spectrophometers
ArticleOrder No.
Adapter, light beam height 8.5 mm29 69 91009
Adapter, light beam height 10 mm29 69 92005
Adapter, light beam height 15 mm29 69 93001
Adapter, GeneQuant I/II29 69 94008

ArticleOrder No.
Makro Vis cuvettes 300 nm – 900 nm10 69 79345
Plastic cuvettes for measurements in the Vis range, max. filling volume 4500 μl, 10 × 100 pieces
Semi micro Vis cuvettes 300 nm – 900 nm10 69 79353
Plastic cuvettes for measurements in the Vis range, max. filling volume 3000 μl, 10 × 100 pieces