Centrifuge Bottles, Thermo Scientific Nalgene, IDL

Autoclavable centrifuge bottles made of polypropylene copolymer with polypropylene screw closure. Translucent bottles have excellent chemical resistance. Strong and rigid. Sealing cap available for 1000-ml capacity bottles. When using the 250-ml bottle in the Sorvall GSA rotor, use the NALGENE centrifuge bottle adapter. Order No. 23 87 31202 is designed for use with IEC rotors. Before autoclaving, set closure on top of the bottle without engaging the threads. The 2000-ml bottle is also available as a sterile version; for both variants, the support adapter (Art. No. 75007686) is required, see picture. For proper performance these bottles must be filled to at least 80% of the total capacity, except for Order No. 23 87 31203, which must NOT be filled to more than 75% of total capacity.


load capacity up to
Order No.PU
 2501320023 87 312014
 5004800 (for IEC rotors)23 87 312024
 500 480023 87 312034
1000 710023 87 312044
10007100 (for IEC rotors)23 87 312054
20007333 (for H-12000 rotors)10 87 312066
2000 (steril)7333 (for H-12000 rotors)10 87 3120724
Available only in original packaging units. No fractions possible.

N.B.: An adapter is essential for Sorvall GSA rotors (see Order No. 23 87 31250).