Digital Burettes, Hecht-ASSISTENT

Digital Burette "Contiburette µ 10", conformity certified up to 100 ml.
Complete with A 32 threaded connector, bent discharge tube, suction intake tube and 2 additional A 45 and A 40 thread adapters.
Continuous discharging and measurement in the most common volume range from 0.01 to 100 ml using only one device. (You can also titrate large volumes up to a maximum of 9999.99 ml).
An electronic measurement system measures the volume of liquid dispensed and displays the result using two decimal places. You can set very small increments (patent pending).
The mechanical heart of this burette is made of aluminium oxide (99.8% Al2O3), which is highly resistant to acids. Long wearing.
No glass piston and no valves. The pump components used where designed to minimize dead volume. Calibrateable.
The device is self-bleeding, eliminating measurement error due to trapped gas or air bubbles. Accuracy in the volume range is better than 0.1% (CV) with reference to the nominal volume of 100 ml and distilled water at 20°C.

Technical data:
Außenmaße:170 × 96 × 60 mm
Weight:approx. 360 g
Power supply:2 batteries AA 1,5 V for approx. 500 h


Order No.
Digital burette "Contibürette µ 10"14 18 00010